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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Eli, Missy, and Kathy

Here's photos of Missy, who's expecting baby number two, and her 1 and 1/2 year old Eli who is truly the cutest baby ever. And my sweet mother in law Kathy. If Kathy had a dollar for every basketball game she's attended of her own four children and her grandchildren, she'd be a rich woman! Both Zach and Tyler were so glad that she watched them play basketball. Thanks again for coming, Kathy and Missy and Eli!


Well, life has been rich and full and fun! One of my best friends, Chere Wasser, surprised me with a four day visit. I was totally and completely caught off guard. Scott and Amy did a good job working that one out! Chere and her family used to live here, Adam's a pilot, our kids are the same ages, became friends through Southbrook and have just shared so much of life. In fact they're the wassers who are mentioned in chapter 10 of my book. Thank you, Chere, for coming! Scott says I laugh more when I'm with Chere. What a compliment to Chere! This picture is Chere (long hair) and my good friend Holly.

Then my mother in law Kathy, my sister in law Missy and my 1 and 1/2 year old nephew came for a visit. We had so much fun, mostly just hanging out. I so appreciate the effort it took for them to get here all the way from Minnesota. And Eli just stole my heart. Everything he does is cute. I will post pictures soon! I have to admit, I have forgotten how busy a little one is. I have a renewed appreciation for everyone in the baby and toddler season of life!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Missed You

When I sat down for a quiet time after being away on vacation, the main feeling I had was one of missing God. Yes, I saw God in the gorgeous nature of Maine, and yes I read my Bible and pryaed while gone. But it was different.

When I sit down in my chair in my living room, just me and my Bible and my coffee and the dogs in the early hours, I feel... like I've come home. I just prayed and read the Psalms for a long time, and as I did, I realized again that one of the prayers I've always prayed for me and Scott has definitely been answered. I've prayed for years that Scott and I would hunger and thirst for God all the days of our lives. And I realized that Friday morning that I was thirsty for Jesus, for more of Him than I'd experienced while on vacation. That's a good feeling, and that's a place I always want to be, wanting more of God.

Sitting there with God is such a peaceful and sure place to be. It's a sense of intimacy with God that has developed over many years of quiet times. It's like the feeling you have with a good friend or spouse, when you don't have to talk. You can just be, and the silence is comfortable and comforting. I love to just "be" with God.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

More on Maine

I prayed the whole week before going to Maine that we would see a whale and we did! That was a highlight for me! I just think it's amazing God created a whale. We went out on a four hour whale-watch boat trip. I and my sons took dramamine, knowing how we all tend to get seasick easily. My poor sons did not feel so well, at all! but amazingly I did not get sick. So I got to see the humpback whale. When you're looking in the water for a whale, the first you do is look for its spout. Sure enough, that's what we saw and then we chased it down. We spent about fifteen minutes watching it rise and dive. Very cool.

The other photo is of the whole gang - my mom and dad; the four chitwoods; nat, donna and her two kids, Christi and Matthew; and my brother Scott and sister-in-law Margaret. Thank you Papa for an incredible trip!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bar Harbor Maine

My mom and dad rented a house in downtown Bar Harbor, Maine, invited the whole family and so here we are. It's beautiful, great place to hike,when it's not raining as it has been quite a bit. My parents have been coming to Maine for over twenty years, I think they've hiked every trail possible. My kids aren't so sure about the hiking thing, at least I should say Zachary's not so sure, but he's doing great. Tyler is truly our joy boy and makes everything an adventure.

In the meantime... my book came out on July 1st. Yahoo!