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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Response to basketball and holy ground

This is a a response form my friend Butch Ferguson, who will soon have his own blog up and running. I liked it so thought you'd enjoy it too. He has a great sense of humor and a heart for God. His wife and my good friend Mandy will have a blog soon, too!

"Thanks for sharing your heart and your mission for God, even if He has you on short-term ground. Thanks for being obedient. Sometimes I am blinded to God's message and wonder if I would have been as discerning as Moses. If it were me confronted with a burning bush, I probably would have yelled, "fire", then try to stomp it out with my size 11 desert sandel. I may have even called for one of the faithful followers bring me a goats bladder of water to try to douse the fire. Either way, I would have snuffed out my opportunity to hear God. I'm ignorant that way. That's why I pray, almost daily, to have God keep me grounded and know that He is God. " Butch


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