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Saturday, July 08, 2006

More on Maine

I prayed the whole week before going to Maine that we would see a whale and we did! That was a highlight for me! I just think it's amazing God created a whale. We went out on a four hour whale-watch boat trip. I and my sons took dramamine, knowing how we all tend to get seasick easily. My poor sons did not feel so well, at all! but amazingly I did not get sick. So I got to see the humpback whale. When you're looking in the water for a whale, the first you do is look for its spout. Sure enough, that's what we saw and then we chased it down. We spent about fifteen minutes watching it rise and dive. Very cool.

The other photo is of the whole gang - my mom and dad; the four chitwoods; nat, donna and her two kids, Christi and Matthew; and my brother Scott and sister-in-law Margaret. Thank you Papa for an incredible trip!


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