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Monday, July 10, 2006

Missed You

When I sat down for a quiet time after being away on vacation, the main feeling I had was one of missing God. Yes, I saw God in the gorgeous nature of Maine, and yes I read my Bible and pryaed while gone. But it was different.

When I sit down in my chair in my living room, just me and my Bible and my coffee and the dogs in the early hours, I feel... like I've come home. I just prayed and read the Psalms for a long time, and as I did, I realized again that one of the prayers I've always prayed for me and Scott has definitely been answered. I've prayed for years that Scott and I would hunger and thirst for God all the days of our lives. And I realized that Friday morning that I was thirsty for Jesus, for more of Him than I'd experienced while on vacation. That's a good feeling, and that's a place I always want to be, wanting more of God.

Sitting there with God is such a peaceful and sure place to be. It's a sense of intimacy with God that has developed over many years of quiet times. It's like the feeling you have with a good friend or spouse, when you don't have to talk. You can just be, and the silence is comfortable and comforting. I love to just "be" with God.


At 8:12 PM, Blogger MarktheChef said...

What a great night ... we feel so blessed to know you and to have celebrated with you. I can not wait to see the pictures on your blog. More than that I am excited to go to a store and purchase your new book.

Thank you,

At 7:47 AM, Blogger JennyRain said...

Brother Lawrence says "The practice of the presence of God makes us stronger in Hope"... I love your posting this week. Hope the book is doing wonderful... praying for ya!


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