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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Things that have made me smile lately

1. Tyler talking with a lisp because he's missing his two front teeth

2. Sitting in the gym at a basketball game, with Scott on one side keeping the clock, and Zachary on the other side keeping the book.

3. My twin sister natalie and I were talking about how tired we are all the time- one of our favorite topics of conversation. She said, yeah, i decided to just accept it and i fix a big pot of coffee in the afternoon.

4. Natalie and her kids are coming to visit in a week!

5. Zachary made the All-Star basketball team.

6. Walking the dogs on a sunny afternoon.

7. I'm going to a conference in two weeks, started to think i need a couple more professional outfits - and was completely blessed with two new jackets this week. The first one came from wendy in the p31 office - she found a cute jacket at walmart for $1, and it fits great! Then my friend Debbie had a pink and brown jacket that doesn't fit and she brought it over Friday - and it fits and i love pink and brown. Isn't that cool?!

8. That I get to go this conference! I'm going to the Hearts at Home conference to help out my friend and fellow Proverbs 31 speaker,Renee Swope. It will be so much fun and the way it all worked out is a miracle.

9. Amy and Mike bought a new house!

10. Encouragment, challenge, prayers, and listening ears from good friends.

11. Hearing from two Bible study groups who did my What a Husband Needs from His Wife book/bible study.

12. Getting my hair colored and i like it.

13. And the one that made me laugh out loud. I woke up one morning with dog hair stuck to my night cream lotion - Emma, yellow lab #2, likes to sleep with a pillow. If you don't laugh, you'll cry!


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