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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fun stuff and the wassers and laughter

I am redecorating downstairs. It started with the carpet, because sweet emma peed on every inch of it. So I now have a tan carpet, called tall latte and I loved it and my friend Mandy is helping me choose other new items. She really has a gift - she can see the big picture and she can be decisive - and she can tell me what I like! I get overwhelmed with all the choices, want to make the "right" decision - one that will make my family happy and me and not waste money. She said if you really like blue and you have the money to do some new things - then go for blue! So that's what I'm doing. We drove to High Point Thursday and went to a huge place called Furnitureland South. I think we'll be going back to make a purchase there. How fun and what a blessing that I can do this!
I can drive Scott crazy with all this. He really doesn't want to talk about the decorating. He just wants me to decide and do it and call it a day. I guess it's like him trying to talk to me about buying a shed for example or perhaps a car. Those are things I really could care less about. Just make a decision and I'll be happy! and happy that I didn't have to decide!
We were bickering in the car after going to a furniture store together yesterday. He turned on a Watermark CD and put it on a song which totally reminds me of our good friends the wassers. Chere and Adam always made us laugh and we always know they're praying for us, as the song says, so when it came on i just burst into tears. It made me miss them so much and in that instance i was reminded of one of their greatest gifts to us, laughter.
Last night I went to the mother/son dance with my sweet sons - i'll post pictures when i get them developed. Both boys danced with me so that was a great mother's day present. Today basketball and baseball...


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