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Thursday, April 27, 2006

an ordinary day and thankfulness for no more foot pain

This morning was chilly and rainy and I had stayed up late...a great day to stay home. So I did. I haven't done that much lately. Last fall when I was writing I was home a lot, so this year I've been out and about more. I had a long quiet time, praying, reading my Bible, and reading old journals, which are my prayers and writing ideas and Scriptures I like.

I was reading one of my journals from 2002, and it reminded me how different my life was then. Scott has lost his USAirways job and the future was uncertain, we had to sell a house i loved, I was a preschool asst. teacher - definitely not what I was called to be! And one of the things I haven't written about was my constant foot pain.

I've had feet problems for over ten years. I had one foot operated on, afer trying many other treatments. The treatment worked on that foot, but then about a year later the other foot started hurting. It's plantar fasciitis in case you've ever heard of that. Basically, it's pain on your heel that really never goes away. So I tried cortisone shots, orthotics, a new treatment about a year ago called shockwave. It was helpful but didn't take much of the pain away.

For years now what I can do physcially has been limited by my foot pain. It has made walking for exercise impossible and even daily chores like cleaning the house were difficult. I really could not be on my feet more than an hour, had to wear nerdy shoes, just hurt all the time,gained weight, blah blah

Well, my friend Mandy just happened to mention that she'd been seeing a chiropractor, it had helped with some foot problems she'd had... Then I went to my family doctor to beg him for another cortisone shot. He said, Melanie, you've had this for years. Why don't you just try the chiropractor. So I did. And Oh my it has worked! My foot pain went away in about two weeks. Not totally all the time but most of the time my foot doesn't hurt.

I don't want to take that for granted! thank you God! I've been taking walks, I can shop more - hee hee. And that pain is just not dominating my life.


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