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Saturday, May 06, 2006


"Our deepest wishes, our deepest dreams are known only by God alone, for He sews them into the fabric of our souls."

What's the dream in the deepest part of your soul? I used to think that I really didn't have any dreams. I married a man with lots of dreams - he doesn't have enough lifetimes to live all his dreams! What about you? Are you more like me, or Scott, or somewhere in between?

God has always known my dreams and He has used my whole life to show them to me. My dream was to be a writer, I just didn't know it! I was afraid to look! I was afraid to see what was there!

As I began to follow God more closely, I began to trust Him to be with me as I took baby steps toward my dreams. When I was a stay-at-home mom for the first time wtih Zachary in kindergarten and Tyler a little guy, I began to write my first articles, had some published. I was encouraged and kept going...

But being in a place where I wanted to write articles and could write articles started a long time ago. It started in a home where I was surrounded by books, a family who sat in a room together reading silently instead of watching tv, keeping journals as along as I can remember. God gave me a love of reading to such a deep sense that it's like food for my soul. I would hate to live without reading.

Then I went through a broken engagement that broke my heart, but God used this time in my twenties to reveal to me I was living a false life. I was a business major because I thought it was practical and realistically I could find a job. I was attached for 7 years to a guy who had a charismatic personality but it left me in the shadows, hiding and having no idea who I was.

So God used some pain to shatter some of those chains. I became an English teacher, a step closer to my dream, but not really. I loved English, I loved kids, I loved teaching - but not necessarily all together!

Then in charlotte I've met other women who share some of my dreams, who love God the way I do and they've all been a part of this tapestry God is sewing.

Now I love writing, and I love teaching God's Word and well, I love teaching my own kids! So I see how God has sewn all these experiences into my life to use them for His glory.

And I think that's what are dreams are all about. God created us, gave us dreams which would bring Him and us pleasure!


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