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Monday, April 24, 2006

Emma Ate My Bible

She sure looks sweet, and she is but...
In case you haven't read a previous blog about our nine month old purebred yellow lab, I'll give you a recap.

Jenna is the perfect yellow lab which we rescued from the pound about three years ago. She is truly the smartest and most loyal dog I've ever known. She cost $79.

Then someone in the family really wanted another dog. I'll just point out that someone was not me. So we got an adorable yellow lab puppy and named her Emma. She is a purebred from a kennel. Way too expensive. And then she had a defect, she was a lemon, and needed surgery. I can't even say the amount. Let's just say I could have had quite a wardrobe with that surgery money.

To keep it short she has been a challenge. I'll give you an example.

A little while ago I came home one day to discover Emma had chewed Genesis right out of my Bible. That's right. Genesis. Actually it was just chapters 1 - 17. So could I live without these words of God? I decided no I could not, so I brought a brand new leather covered Bible, exactly like my old one.

Last week I left the dogs inside instead of putting them outside where it was thundering and lightening. Even though we have a covered back porch, I knew they'd be scared in a storm, so I left Jenna in the house, and Emma locked in her kennel inside.

When I came home later, I saw shreds of paper and leather in the dining room. Emma had eaten my Bible. That's right. She ate it. All that was left of a big fat leather bound Bible was a few shreds. And it was my new Bible, not the one from which she'd already sampled Genesis.

Hmmm... we're still waiting for her to quote Scripture.


At 1:07 PM, Blogger MarktheChef said...

Mel ... I am sorry to hear that your "Emma" in consuming the word of our LORD! Maybe what she was trying to tell you is not what she ate ... but what she did NOT eat? What was left? I imagine something on patience? Just so you know that our little kitten, that has been perfect until last week has begun using some of the bed's in the house as a litter box ... I think Cindy did the sheets and bed spread on Dom's bed three times ... so we have similare challanges ... all this while we are trying to show and sell the house ...


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