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Monday, March 27, 2006

Basketball Season

This photo is of Zachary and Tyler playing basketball in our dining room. This hoop in our house came about after being at the Sheley's house in Minnesota. They have a hoop in their basement, so when we came home, the guys really wanted one. We have no basement, there's not enough room in the bonus room, therefore the hoop is in the dining room. They have so much fun together that I don't even mind that it's the focal point of downstairs.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is to watch Zachary play basketball. Tyler just started so I love to watch him, too, just haven't had as much time to do so. Scott comes from a b-ball family. His nephew's team in Minnesota made it to state. His Dad and sister coach. Scott and three sisters played basketball growing up. It's just in his blood. Scott coached Zachary's and Tyler's teams this year and was one of the commissioners. If he could figure out a way to coach youth sports for money, that's what he would do. He is so gifted at it. Maybe one day.

All this to say... I love basketball but I'm glad it's over. Of course we have to watch the tournament on tv...


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