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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Four Personality Types

Florence Littauer’s book Personality Plus for Couples provides a profile of four personality types. Each person has a predominant personality type, often with one other type being a close second. As you read these descriptions, think about which category you and your husband fall in to.

The Sanguine personality type, also called the Popular Personality, applies to those who are the “fun-loving, sunny, outgoing personalities who draw people to them because they seem to be having such a good time…. These boisterous individuals bring fun and drama into almost any situation, love the spotlight, and enjoy motivating others. They initiate conversations and can instantly become best friends with everyone in a group… they can also be disorganized, emotional and hypersensitive about what others think of them.” p. 19

The opposite personality type from the Sanguine is the Melancholy, the Perfect Personality. The Melancholy is “deep, thoughtful, introspective, serious, and perfectionistic… These perfectionists thrive on order, and you can depend on them to complete a job on time. But their perfectionism may make them critical or pessimistic, and they drive themselves crazy with their efforts to measure up to their own high standards.” p. 20

The third personality type is the Choleric, the Powerful Personality. These people are “the dynamic leaders of life and their motto echoes Nike’s slogan of ‘Just do it!’… Their self-discipline and ability to focus make them strong leaders. But their drive and determination can cause them to become workaholics, make them opinionated and stubborn, and leave them insensitive to other’s feelings.” p. 21
The opposite of the Choleric is the Phlegmatic, the Peaceful Personality.

Phlegmatics are easy-going, pleasant, and peaceful. Phlegmatics “think in terms of conserving energy and feel that if you ignore something long enough, someone else will do it. … Phlegmatics dislike risk, challenge, and surprise and will require time to adapt to changes. Although they avoid situations that are too stressful, they can work well under pressure. However, their lack of discipline and motivation often allow them to procrastinate in the absence of a strong leader.” p. 21.

Scott and I are complete opposites, no surprise to those who know us well. Have fun with this and let me know what your personality types are! It really has helped me to have these insights. Instead of saying what is wrong with that man! I'm more like to see that's the way God made each of us.


At 4:11 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Hey there...

I think I am Sanguine and Todd is Melancholy. Maybe that's why we work so well together.

Love, ME

At 4:53 AM, Blogger Amy P. said...

I am mostly Sanguine, I can relate to some of the characteristics in each profile. Mike is definitely melancholy...but you already knew that!


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