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Monday, February 20, 2006

Front Cover and Galley

Friday I got the galley of my book and have one week to proofread it. A galley is the edited manuscript, and now I and some proofreaders check for the little stuff, like punctuation, typos, etc. It's interesting to see how my editor reworded things to improve them, thank goodness for editors! And my editor, gene skinner, has been so nice and encouraging. what a blessing, especially on my first book.

Then today I received an e-mail of the front cover! All this is making it seem very real. I really wrote a book and it's going to be in the book stores - yahoo!

The only slightly bad news is that they need 20 more pages. Wow. I feel like I wrote every word I could possibly think of to come up with the original 69,000 words. But I know the Holy Spirit will inspire me. That's what happened so many times before. I would sit down at my computer, not having an idea, and then I'd just start to write ideas that I had not previously thought of. That was God at work in me!


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