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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Parents' influence

Wow! We woke up this morning to snow! I sure didn't expect that! It's snowing big fat snowflakes right now. As a native Floridian I can still get pretty excited about snow!

Tyler and Zachary are both home sick. I wonder if Tyler has strep throat... might be a trip to the doctor today. I am thankful that my kids rarely get sick.

I was thinking this morning about my parents' influence on me and my brother Scott and sister Natalie. My brother, one of my favorite people in the world, by the way, is a writer living in NYC with his wife Margaret. He has written a book and is in the process of trying to get it published. My twin Natalie is very artistic and creative. I am a former teacher and now writer.

These interests of all three of us are so much a result of the influence of my parents. My mom and dad are verocious readers and always have been. In fact I can remember one time early in my marriage to Scott we were at my parents' house for a vacation and at one point we were all sitting in the family room together, just reading. Not talking, not watching tv. That was weird to him! But so normal for us. Growing up we had books all over our house, my mom read to us a lot, and proudly displayed anything we wrote. And now my brother and I are writers!

My mom is extremely artistic, in fact later in her life she started to pursue painting and now works in a gallery and sells her pastels. My sister Natalie is the one who got the artistic ability. I remember she was voted most artistic in high school.

But more than their talents my parents imparted their values. One of the things I have always loved about my dad is his integrity. He is a lawyer, certainly a place where one's character could be compromised, but he has always operated with dignity and integrity. He is extremely respected by everyone who knows him.

The other outstanding characteristic of my parents is their generosity. They are truly two of the most generous people I know. They are gracious hosts and have always had an open door to my friends when growing up and theirs. They love people. They listen and get to know people and that brings them pleasure. They also are financially generous. They have never held tightly the blessings God's given them. They give it away.

Wow, I have great parents! Thanks, Mom and Dad, if you're reading this!

All this to say it makes me think about what values and talents I'm sharing with my kids. It's something to think about, isn't it?


At 7:12 AM, Blogger Amy P. said...

I love to hear you label yourself a "writer", I am so proud of you! Your parents are great and had a great deal with who(m)? you are are very generous in so many ways.

I think the fact that Zachary is even aware of the language he uses speaks volumes for the values you are teaching him as a parent, keep up the good work!

At 12:56 PM, Blogger a.smyth said...

I loved your comment about reading. My dad used to say to look for a man with whom I could "parallel read." Hee, Hee. I found him :)


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