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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

feeling like a lump

Today I was just plain feeling like a lump. At one point I actually was watching - by myself, no husband or sons around - a college basketball game. I was scaring myself, so I got up and started getting stuff done! I worked on some writing stuff, returned phone calls and emails, did way too much laundry, rode my exercise bike. And I felt a hundred times better!

Update on the book - it's finished being edited. Now it goes to layout and design and they create something called a galley, which will then be edited by them and me. I should have that by the end of February. Still a long way to go till publication date of July 1st.

My editor Gene, a wonderfully kind and gentle man, said something I really needed to hear. He said that the success of a writing career has more to do with God than with anyone's writing ability. So true!

Today I am so thankful for the godly friends in my life, friends who listen, laugh and live life with me. I've had some fun times and some great conversations lately. I never want to take them for granted. Today a writer friend called and I got to rejoice with her about exciting things happening in her career.


At 6:01 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Thanks for your uplifting words today...and for the prayers. It is always nice to chat with you.


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