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Saturday, February 11, 2006

My husband is home

I just discovered a comment on an earlier post from my neice Christi. She said there needs to be a photo of her, since there's one on my memphis blog of her brother matthew and his dog sister. Well, I agree, so send me one christi. I'm sure she'll be a movie star one day so i definitely need to include a photo of her.

One of my favorite memories of christi happened when she was about three. we were playing "movie" and she was telling me what to do, of course. she was the movie star in the movie. she was acting out some story and I decided to join her in the acting out of the story. she stopped and said to me, no aunt mel, you don't talk. you're the audience. and she was 3!

Scott got home from a trip to california thurs pm. we have seen each other i think about 4 days in three weeks. bummer. Now that he flies for a corporation, instead of an airline, that is no longer a typical schedule. He's actually home a lot more than that. this was just a long stretch for a variety of reasons. the good thing was it sure made me appreciate him. I'm so glad I share life with him.

Yesterday he had knee surgery so I know he'll be home for a few days.:) All went well, but he was told his basketball days are over. that's sad for him.
getting old - aches and pains and a lot more maintenance!


At 4:45 PM, Blogger christiana said...

thanks aunt mel and i love that story too...i really like ur blog and think that it is great that u are writing on ya ...christi


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