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Monday, January 08, 2007

About writing

Before I write about writing I'll start with a few words about the weekend. This weekend Scott and Tyler had so much fun in Minnesota. They saw relatives, friends, and Tyler got to do some things he can't do in Charlotte - like gathering eggs from Linda's and Harold's chickens. I'm so thankful for all of our relatives in Minnesota, wish MN wasn't so far away. I'm also so thankful for the time Scott and Tyler had together. They are two peas in a pod and just had fun together. I was really missing them both by Sunday pm.

As for me and Zach we had a really great weekend. Yes, quiet. Zachary spent a good deal of his day Saturday and some of Sunday at the Union Academy gym being the substitute "commissioner" in Scott's absence. Zach is as much a basketball fanatic as Scott. He's also extremely responsible and loves being in charge of the gym! He did a great job. .
That left me with a lot of free time. I went shopping at South Park Mall Friday with my good buddy Karen Rinehart- see her listed on my sidebar. She's an awesome columnist - "Bus Stop Mommies" is her "handle." She writes about every day life with great, great humor. I didn't buy anything but she did and that was fun.

I saw Zachary for about an hour and then he had plans with his good buddy from UA. So I had the whole night free. Normally, I would have made plans with a girlfriend, but I decided to use the time to write - and I did! I wrote some more on Saturday when Zach was at the gym. I went to see my friend Mandy's new horse - loved that! and then Sat. pm Zach and I ordered pizza and watched a movie. I love hanging out with that boy.

A friend recently asked me how I write. Well, I had to think about it - but this is generally what I do. I pray, read Scripture, take notes as the Holy Spirit leads me to Scripture about the topic I'm considering. I might read a book by an author who inspires me - lately I've been reading about Grace, a book by Joyce Meyer. She is a great teacher of the Word and that's what I really love.

And then I sit at the computer - and write! I used to write with pen and paper, but after writing my book, I am totally a computer writer. I love the ability to revise easily, cut and paste. On that note if I'm working on anything significant, I print it out, even a rough-rough copy, and/or I save it on a memory stick. I've had some mishaps with losing stuff and don't want that to happen again.

And then I go do some laundry, take the dogs for a walk, sit outside if it's pretty, just do something else for a bit just to refresh my brain.

And then i go back to the computer. And write. And write. If you want to be a writer, you have to make time to write! You have to say no to many, many other things. I did that when I was writing my last book - a deadline will make you very motivated! - and I'm getting back into a more serious writing mode now. For me, writing is very much a thinking and praying and writing process.

i know that I know that this is what God called me to do. and there truly is no greater feeling. I love "partnering" with God as I write. that's how I think of it. Sometimes I'll go back and read something i've written, and think wow, I like that! And I know that the Holy Spirit really was working through me then. One of my prayers for speaking/writing is John 14:10 "' I do not speak on my own initiative; but the Father abiding in me does His works.'"

Sometimes I get in an incredible zone and the words flow freely. Other days it is pure obedience to sit at this computer and just put some words down. Either way - I love it!

Check out Marybeth's Blog - see my sidebar - she wrote some similar things about her calling to speak and write. One of the things that Marybeth and I both do is to constantly take notes on ideas. I have a pad of paper in my purse, a journal by my quiet time spot, and a computer file started on each writing idea. I have learned that I generally don't remember an idea unless I write it down. This really helped when I was writng my book. I was able to pull from my journals and files I'd already started.

So there's some ideas on writing. Mel:)


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