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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thinking of Minnesota

This morning was wonderfully cold - about 25 degrees. I needed a few things at the grocery, so decided just to run in on my way home from dropping off Tyler at school.
I parked in front of the Harris Teeter and decided just to leave my car running while I ran in quickly.

Doing that totally reminded me of being in Scott's hometown in Backus, Minnesota. Scott grew up in a little town and I grew up in the suburbs, so I love seeing where and how he grew up, hearing stories. I remember one of the first times I went to Minnesota how everyone ran into the store and just left their cars running and I just thought that was cool. And they'll leave their cars running a long time sometimes, like when they go to a restaurant.

I remember being fascinated with things like the plug in heaters at parking spaces, ice fishing, snow mobiling, walking in snowy, quiet woods. What a beautiful place. I know my Minnesota relatives get very tired of snow and cold by the end of the winter, but for a few days I always love it.

When Zachary was younger, Scott took just Zachary to Minnesota a few times and they had such a fun time just the two of them. Now this January Tyler will take a trip with Scott, just the two of them for the first time. Tyler talks about it a lot and looks at the calendar to see when it is. There's only one problem - Tyler hates to be cold. He usually just cries when he's really cold. We'll have to get him some really warm clothes and he can stay inside a lot.:)

I love you and miss you, Minnesota friends and relatives!


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