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Thursday, November 16, 2006

This week

This week...

Monday was Zachary's 12th birthday. We had celebrated with friends over the weekend, so just had a little family celebration that night. Later Tyler had boy scouts...and later Scott and I had a huge fight - more about that in a minute.

I have to be somewhere every night this week - not my favorite thing at all. But last night I got to see a friend who is in town for three weeks from France, where Todd and his family are missionaries in France. They have been there 8 years - I think that's right - and spreading the gospel in France, or any part of Europe, from what i hear is slow going. But Todd continues to be so passionate for the Lord. He just loves God and wants others to know him. So it was so worth going out to see him.

The finale of ballroom dancing was great... and I think the best man won! Go Emmett!
I wish I were a ballroom dancer. There. I said it.

Okay about the fight - really Scott and I haven't had a big fight in a long time. You know the bottom line is that we as Christians have an enemy. Satan does not want us to have a good marriage. As my good friend Kelly V reminded me, we have to be filling our minds with truth constantly and speaking truth constantly. The other thing is the flesh - basically I have a strong selfish streak and so does Scott - and so do humans! But we can learn to crucify the parts of us that God wants to decrease so that our characters reflect more of Him.

It seems since I wrote that marriage book that I just keep finding out about more and more failed Christian marriages. And I found out about one this week. And it just grieved me, and I cried for them, but I think I also cried because Scott and I hadn't reconciled before he left. It just made me think, how ridiculous it was that we were fighting. That we were giving the enemy territory into our life - and neither one of us want to do that!

So we had a good talk. We basically just need to spend some time together. It seems that we are always working on balance, trying to find a place where we both are pursuing our dreams, spending time with each other and investing in our kids. His travel makes that really hard sometimes. But that's our life - and we have a great life. And tomorrow night hopefully it will work out for us to go to dinner and a movie,which has always been our favorite thing to do.


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