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Friday, November 10, 2006

Houston was awesome!

Well, what a whirlwind last month was. I'm glad for the rest this month. But, just wanted to say the retreat in Houston was so awesome! The women were so much fun, laughed a lot and loved God deeply - my favorite combination! I immediately felt at home with them, and the whole weekend I just felt from God a confirmation on the particular message I gave that weekend. And each time I speak now I feel a definite confirmation that this is what I want to do with my life - write and speak for God. There are definitely times of hard work, but the blessing of walking in obedience is huge!

A very awesome result of all of last month's speaking and radio interviews - my book sales were the second best so far! Yea! Every time I speak to a group about marriage, I see why I wrote that book, I see why God had me write that book! I just heard a very alarming statistic about Christian women - 40% are involved in pornography. Now we always hear about men and porn, so interesting to hear about women. Satan does not want marriage to succeed and he continues to attack. I pray for protection of your marriages!

This week i've just enjoyed a very normal week of seeing friends, catching up on laundry, watching some of my favorite shows, such as Ballroom Dancing!(go Emmett!) and hanging out with my family.

Today I had an appt. with a nutritionist, I guess that's what you'd call him. He's really a chiropractor who specializes in nutrition. I will find out more on Monday, but one of his recommendations is to get off caffeine - oh bummer, but I knew that was coming! Basically, I'm tired of having low energy so I'm going to do what he tells me to do!

Zachary turns twelve this Monday. Wow. He's getting so old. I sure do love him. I really missed my family when I was in Houston, but then I enjoy them more when I get home.


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