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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Answered Prayer

Hello friends - Today I want to tell you about two incidents of really incredibly answered prayer. I've learned from this several things: ask friends to pray for you! Ask specifically! and look for God's answer. These answered prayers have just reminded of the incredibly personal, intimate God we have.

1. Last week I was preparing for a talk which I would present Thursday night. I was practicing it and afterwards I prayed this: "Lord, please anoint me and this message. I just feel like the message is a little flat. Please just sprinkle some of your magic dust to make this message come alive for the women I'll be speaking to." Now I promise you i have never ever prayed for God's magic dust.
Then the very next morning i have an email from my friend Michelle that just blew me away. The email was a virtual florist note of encouragement to tell me she was praying specifically for my event Thursday night. It was a picture of a little fiary and this is what the note said:
"Just sprinkling some pixie dust to sparkle you with extra good luck!"
Wow! I need your prayers friends!

2. Yesterday I went to Shelby, NC to speak to a Mops group. Holly went with me and when we got there we sat in the car for a minute and Holly prayed. Part of her prayer was this:"Lord, use this message in at least one person's life and Lord, I ask that you will reveal to us that person."
So then I give my talk on marriage, during the talk Holly shared her story about moving from PA to NC, and the minute I finished talking one girl came up to Holly and said, I went through exactly what you described and could totally relate. Then I sat down to talk to her and she said, I could have written your whole book about marriage. I have been through so many of the things you went through in your marriage.

Isn't that incredible?! What a loving, personal, intimate God we have. Thank you Lord for your love! So friends I encourage you to pray pray pray and look for God's answers - and keep praying for me! mel


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