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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tyranny of the Urgent

A long time ago I read a little book called Tyranny of the Urgent and I've been thinking about that lately. I've been so aware of how the urgent task can pull us away from what's truly important. For me, that urgent task usually has something to do with the household, something tangible such as laundry, which can be checked off the list. Or the other pressing task usually relates to writing or promoting my book, What a Husband Needs from His Wife.

I've been trying to let God set the agenda for my day. Now that's hard for me. I like to have a general plan. And there's nothing wrong with that. It makes me more productive and there are times when things just have to be done. But being led by the Spirit is something I really am learning and trying to live out as I get older. That means instead of making my plans and asking God to bless them, I ask God, What are Your plans, Lord? And then I join God.

So for me this past week I've sensed God telling me to enjoy the moment and just go with the flow. Yesterday that meant on the way to do my plans, I got a very unexpected cell phone call and did my first radio interview on my cell phone - a call form England! It was actually scheduled for next month, but the caller was confused so we just did the call! Interesting...

Then today Tyler and I had a completely clean slate. We played legos, watched a little tv - his choice, of course, did some crafts with scissors and glue and everything! played more legos...watched him play a computer game. Now during these things I just had to tell myself not to hop to do dishes or laundry or to answer the phone. I just was with Tyler, trying to be focused on him.

I was telling a friend how differently I've parented my first child Zachary, as compared to my second child Tyler. Part of the difference is their difference in personalities - zachary's quieter and tyler is mostly talking and in action. but he can also be quiet and enjoy things like his legos for a long time, too. I think the main difference is that I don't take the time to be quiet and still with him the way I did with Zachary. Tyler's always had the companionship of a big brother so hasn't needed my companionship as much.

These are just observations, none of it good or bad. Just the way it is. But I found today that I really enjoyed being Tyler's mother as I just enjoyed him. I'm fortunate to have the time to do that, I realize.

So I'll end with encouraging you to think about these things: where is the spirit leading you? are you following the Spirit or asking God to follow you? Ecclesiastes 3:1 says there's an appointed time for everything. So what is this a time for in your life?


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