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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Zachary had a much better day at middle school, thank you, Lord! I asked him why it was better and he said he had a better attitude and he just knew what to expect. Just so I wouldn't go wild and crazy, he added that he still doesn't like school.

Last night was "Tuesday night Bible study," for lack of a real name, a group we've had every other week at my house over the summer. This past year Mandy and I led a Bible study every week on Nancy Leigh deMoss's Seeking Him - very good! This summer we combined with Suzie Pace's group. Their group had done the book Captivating the previous semester and loved it! It's very informal group, some of the same women come every week but then some new ones every week too. And we take turns teaching or "sharing," as we women like to say.

Last night was one of those nights where God just really showed up for me. Someone else was scheduled to teach but couldn't, I really didn't know what we'd talk about but really wanted it to be meaningful in some way for those who took the time to be there. God reminded me of one of my former teaching ideas.

So we did this and it just led to some good sharing and praying. Lord, thank you that You created us women to need each other. There is something about having other women understand what you're feeling, why you do things even if they don't make a whole lot of senes, that is very comforting.

That night there were words of encouragement, exhortation, challenge, truth, love, mercy, and prayer. That's what being a part of the body of Christ is all about.
So thank you, dear Tuesday night ladies.


At 5:45 AM, Blogger Kelly said...

Hey Melanie! I'm enjoying keeping up with you and your family through your blogs. Tell them all I said 'hi'. And I was curious if you had read 'Captivating' or was that just the other bible study group? I read that book in a Bible Study group while in Boston and I really couldn't relate and I'm really curious if it was just ME or if it's one of those books that not all people are going to relate to. Anyway, I'll be in NC a lot this coming Fall. Stephen is going to be in Chapel Hill in October doing an away rotation at UNC and Aleta is due with Brina any day now, so I'm sure I'll be visiting her. So, I'll get in contact with you and see if any time that I'm up there would be a good time to get together with y'all. I would love to see everyone! Have a good weekend!



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