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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Random thoughts

1. Who created the fashion trends of today? 13 year olds?! I do not like the styles right now. Everything looks funky, trendy, or too much skin, and made for the very young. Or it looks old ladyish. nothing for the 43 year olds out there. I'm just going to buy some coordinates :)

2. How many corn dogs can a mom feed her child without feeling guilty? I don't know because I don't feel guilty yet but i'm getting close.

3. If someone would sell an energy pill with no side effects, I would spend a lot of money on that pill. And if it helped you lose a little weight I'd pay more.

4. I do not like seasonal allergies.

5. I really, really love a house full of boys. One of the greatest things about our neighborhood is a group of boys from 1st grade to 8th grade plays so well together. I love when they're all in the pool, or shooting hoops, or playing some video game. Of course there are times when I love having little girls in my life too, ones to color with, or read to or do something a little more "pink."

that's it for now... i'm sure i'll have a few more vents in the coming days.


At 10:53 AM, Blogger MarktheChef said...

The number of Corn Dogs is actually found through a high level equation ...

N + 2 = CD

N is the Number of corn dogs eaten.
CD is the number of corn dogs desired.
2 is the number to add to the number of corn dogs already eaten.

As you will see the number is never going to be reached ... as is your guilt ... never to be reached over corn dogs! Food is a balance ... you eat good ... you eat bad ... then you eat Corn Dogs!

Think about it this way, the hot dog is good protein, the corn meal coating is carbs and a vegtable (maybe a bit of a stretch) and if they are dipping in mustard or ketsup then you have an additional veggie!

So do not fret ... in fact give em corn dogs for dinner by the pool!



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