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Monday, February 27, 2006

twenty more pages

I know the Holy Spirit will inspire me... I need to write 20 more pages in the next couple of weeks for my book. Hmmmm... Please pray for me!

I read this in a marriage book i've really enjoyed called for women only.
It's food for thought for us wives!

"Most married men don't want to abandon their wives to do 'guy things.' They want to do guy things with their wife. They want her to be their playmate. It's no different from when they were dating. For a guy, a big part of the thrill was doing fun things together.

The woman who is having fun with her husband is incrediblly attractive. If you see a woman out playing golf with her husband, I guarantee that all the other guys are jealous. Getting out and having fun together falls off in marriage because of various responsibilities, but men still want to play with their wives."


At 4:15 PM, Blogger chere said...

Hi Mel- sounds like great stuff. i can't wait until July for all of your great writing!! I love playing with my husband- but I sure wish we could have a play date soon! Love you friend, Chere


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