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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Big Butts

There's always a Tyler story. This past Sunday as we were getting ready for church, Tyler told me about this tv commercial he saw. He told me that there was a lady in a dress and she was asking the man if her butt looked big in that dress.

I saw this as an opportunity to teach tyler the ways of women. I said to him, "Tyler if a lady ever says that to you in your lifetime, the correct is always no. Just say no."

And then with a little smile, he said to me, "like I shouldn't tell you your butt looks big in those pants because it does."

so there. sigh. and yes, my butt is big:) A few weekends ago I went away with my good friend Karen - who is maybe a size two, by the way - and we agreed that one of the biggest differences about being in your forties as opposed to earlier years is that everything shows up - if you eat a cookie, it shows up; if you don't drink enough water, it shows up on your face, etc...

So I've worked out several times this week. Leigh's blog - see my sidebar has a good blog about weight - she said call overeating what it is - sin! It's a good one if you want to check it out.

I'll post a photo here of karen. We went away to the mountains just the two of us. What fun. We've known each other since college days - 25 years. We loaded the car with enough stuff for two weeks, just in case we got snowed in, which unfortunately we didn't. We turned a 3 1/2 hour drive into a 7 hour drive by stopping to shop along the way. We sat by the fire, read mags, watched movies, ate cookies and nachos, and talked and laughed. We both actually did some writing - see her on my sidebar, Karen Rinehart, author of Bus Stop Mommies column. Life is good when you have a good and old friend.


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