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Friday, February 09, 2007

No footholds

Yesterday afternoon it felt like Satan had set up camp in my house. By late afternoon, the seven year old was crying in his room where he was having a timeout; the twelve year old was teary and more dramatic than he normally is; and I wanted to cry!

I thought for a little bit about what on earth had gotten us to that point, and soon I remembered that it was plain and simple spiritual attack. I am speaking this Sunday and it seems each time the enemy (i'm going to call him stupid like chris nole in california does) finds a new way to create some chaos in my life.

So I just said no, stupid is not getting a foothold in this house. Not in our thoughts, not in our emotions, not in our actions. So I gathered the boys around, we held hands, and I prayed for God to be our warrior, to surround us and Scott with a hedge of protection, and to fight off stupid.

So then we pressed on and went about our business - homework, laundry, dinner. Things didn't turn around immediately - but eventually they did! Scott got home from a three day trip earlier than I expected - thank you Lord! and we had a sit down family dinner.

Then Scott got out old videos because he's getting ready to convert them to dvd. We gathered around and watched videos of times when the boys were little and it just tickled us all! We were laughing and giggling and our hearts were transformed!

God really answered that prayer. Thank you, Lord.


At 1:07 PM, Blogger Leigh Gray said...

Thanks Mel for the reminder to stop and pray even with those we don't want to "be" with. That is way I feel about my kids in "those" times. I still love your heart. I miss you not blogging as much as you used to, but i understand and could learn a lesson from it as well.

Hope things are going well with you!!

Love to hear from you when you get a chance. Leigh


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