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Saturday, May 27, 2006

just life

1. If you do not have seasonal allegies, be really thankful.

2. Last weekend I got to go on a girls' weekend with some of my relatives: my aunt kathy, my sister-in-law Margaret, my sister Natalie and my mom. Margaret and my brother Scott flew here from NYC; Scott stayed here for the weekend with my Scott and the boys, and then Margaret, AK and I drove to Asheville about two hours away, where we met up with nat and mom. We had such a fun time! Asheville is a city I'm now in love with, lots of art galleries, cool restaurants, book stores, shops of doo-dads. We just shopped and talked and enjoyed the time with each other. Then Sunday we went to the Biltmore - very beautiful but i'm not into old stuff. that's the truth! I was happy to go but that's enough for me for awhile!

3. My sweet husband held down the fort, along with the greatest uncle Scott, but then had to leave to work Monday and did not get home till late last night. That was a bummer. I was so sad yesterday. and so were the boys. We just really like to be together! The Fergusons invited me and the boys over to dinner - thanks friends.

4. Zachary got into Union Academy!!!!!!!!!!! We are excited about this, Zachary is going to be excited but getting used to the idea right now. UA is a public charter school, take kids by lottery. It's smaller and more academically geared and they have a basketball team! We prayed about this and believe God opened this door, so it will be exciting to see what it's like. The only thing I'm not sure about is they have a year-round schedule, while Tyler will still be on a traditional schedule.

5. Today is the last day of basketball for Zach for a while, then they get out of school June 8th. We're ready for summer!

6. As for me, I'm enjoying my decorating, need to pick out a paint color
and I'm feeling the urge to write! So back to the computer!
I just went to look up a verse in Deuteronomy but couldn't find it because that was the part Emma ate. Be calm, accept the dog, love the dog....


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