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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wise Words from Friends

I love the lyric in a song by Watermark which says, "You've spoken the truth into my life."

I'm blessed to have friends speak words of wisdom into my life. Here's a few words which have influenced me in such a positive way lately. Thank you, friends!

1. One friend told me "just love him and pray," when I was having a strife-filled day with my husband.

2. "The only place we will not feel the spiritual battle is when we're praising God. That's the only place to find true rest."

3. When I was striving and working hard on an idea that just would not come together: "put it aside; that's not God's agenda for you today."

4. "I want to have a purposeful life this fall. I don't want just to do things to do them. I want my activities to be what God wants me to be doing."


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